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      Spain has just appointed a new President of the General Council for Judicial Power.

      Carlos Dívar admits that improving the Spanish justice system is the most difficult challenge facing him.

      “….the judiciary needed to be more alert to the needs of citizens and better protect the weak”.

      “….the personal criteria of a judge cannot emerge in the public domain”.

      He forgot to add that the personal criteria of a judge (and the brown envelope in his pocket) should also not go against Spanish law as it has been doing. 👿

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      It’s a start. The Spanish Government will have no choice other than clean up the mess with new legislation. The alternative will be a stagnant economy for the forseeable future.

      I so nearly purchased ‘off plan’ near Granada two years ago. Thankfully, I didn’t have any cards on me, so was unable to place a deposit at the time, otherwise was going ahead. The development has not been started and the builder seems to have disappeared. A lot of other potential purchasers on the site are stressed out with worry at the moment.

      I also notice the development is still being advertised though. 👿

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      this sounds like good news. The fact he has made these statements and it’s been reported, seems like a big jump in the right direction. I just hope he has the strength, the will and the teeth to stand by his words.

      I hope it will also improve the many stupid cases of developers winning on appeal in black and cases against them. Hard to believe this will happen, but if Spain is serious about cleaning up its act, then i think something like this had to happen sooner or later?

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      I take it with a pinch of salt. I hope for the sake of Spain its current & future generation, who also has suffered due to the poor and corrupt levels of the Judiciary system.

      I,wish him luck as the current status quo, with its existing staff & working practises cannot be changed by him. Unless, all the current incumbents are put out to graze. The current incumbents are aware that this will not happen apart from the practicalities of not being able to replace them overnight. They also know that they are in line for a very generous redundancies, which they are happy to take to spend their time in their cortijos.

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      It would seem that somethings never change. I’ve just started reading a book on the Spanish Civil War and in the very opening chapter, which provides a brief history of Spain up to the 1930s, it mentions that the judicial system was rotten and corruptible even in the 19th century.

      With such a poor lineage before them I dare say the current lot of judges see nothing wrong in doing what their forebears have always done.


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      He forgot to add that the personal criteria of a judge (and the brown envelope in his pocket) should also not go against Spanish law as it has been doing.

      Well Charlie, Carlos Divar has come too late for many people. He needs to start some action PDQ.
      I am emailing you another example of a complete travesty of justice where the Judge has, yet again stuck two fingers up at the Law and used her own “opinion” to make a judgement. 😈

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      Hi Richard,
      My above posting is very much based on the kind of background that you have raised. The Judges/lawyers/Notaries of today are from the same linage. I know this from my Spanish friends as the third/fourth generation
      are in the same profession or studying for the same.

      Every, society has nepotism. Iberia the Spanish airline is an example. Not to mention our friends of Opus etc. However when it goes as deep rooted as in Spain than we have a situation where things don’t work and you have a unfair & restless society, this in turn makes masses taking matters in their own hands.

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      There was a comment in a local rag called the Marbella Express. Was regarding the introduction of a 200E charge by the Property Registry in Marbella just for them to note that the mortgage has been paid off.

      Translated as

      “Everyone knows that Spain is the cradle of stings/scams and the natural habitat of rogues and swindlers….” by Juan Luis Gámez.

      Seems as if it was common knowledge here before the British came along!

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      oh i like that, very good…………..and if not for regulation, i’m sure just as many scum bags would operate in the UK. They certainly found their feet when they started operating in the Spanish property boom!

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