Is there anybody new to the forum out there…?

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    Chris M


    I admire everyone’s dedication on this forum…

    I have been away from snowy Harrogate for most of the past month, and therefore away from my nice comfy attic corner where I like to occasionally sit and ponder at my dusty old PC at the debates and threads on Spanish Property Insight.

    But by heck… (a commonly used Yorkshire phrase) it has taken me more than 3 hours just to catch up on about two pages or so of threads over the last few weeks or so, and it is exhausting work I can tell you.

    I found myself way too worn out to post a comment on any particular thread and dizzy at the twists and turns of some of the threads, I had no idea what dedication it takes to be a regular forum poster / user.

    You really can’t be away from this forum for any length of time, or you lose the current plot and tempo, must be in equal parts fascinating and frustrating for new visitors to the forum, working out how to search through the topics and threads to get the information they need.

    But are there so many new visitors out there anymore…? What do the occasional visitors and newcomers make of the forum right now?

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    @chris McCarthy wrote:

    ……and frustrating for new visitors to the forum, working out how to search through the topics and threads to get the information they need.

    The search button at the top of the page is very effective Chris.
    For example, if people feel your posts are full of ‘pearls of wisdom’ 😉 and want to read more of what you have to say, all they have to do is type in ‘McCarthy’ and 14 threads pop up.

    Easy. 😀

    * No point in searching ‘corruption’ – more than 300 threads come up. You’ll go dizzy reading that lot. 🙁

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    Chris M

    Ha! Don’t lead people down that route Charlie…

    Hardly think a search under me would come up with pearls of wisdom, nuggets of nothing maybe.

    But you learn something new everyday, and I truly get something new most times I visit the forum.

    I just browsed some other areas around the site that I don’t often look at and saw that the most users ever on line at one time was 186, jeeze that must have been a busy day.

    Sign of the times maybe that this has now also fallen by 90% most of the time, but perhaps quality beats quantity now, will not try to catch up on every thread in future, and will certainly use that search button more often now I know it is there.

    Would be good to see hundreds of people back on line though at some time, but probably best if the likes of me melted into the background again at that time.

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    Hi Chris

    You should be aware that a user has to sign in to be counted so 186 signing in on one day was indeed busy. just browsing and reading the posts don’t count.

    I look often and post infrequently as most of the topics have i find been covered before.



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