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      I know that most expats with holiday homes operate a Spanish bank account for related payments.
      BUT if there is no mortgage or other borrowing involved, is a Spanish bank account really necessary? – or to put it another way, for a villa in Rojales, Costa Blanca which regular and one off expenses CANNOT be paid from an account in another SEPA country? (UK in my case)

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      only for EURO transactions – get a Euro acct in UK

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      My Caixa account only costs 48 euros a year. Unfortunately no simple bill paying services in Canaries. I think BBVA do a free online account saw it recently b how long will it last. If you are resident and have pension or salary paid in think there are Nomina accounts if yo keep minimum of cash I account

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        The reason for having a Spanish bank account has, as far as I know, mainly been based on the need to have direct debit (automatic billing) tied to the account. Since SEPA was introduced this is not necessary. I have had an apartment in Spain for more than 8 years and started with a Spanish bank account which cost me close to €100 per year (account fee and fee to check non resident status). I found out about Euro accounts in Swedish banks that also supports Spanich direct debit. I have now used my Swedish account for more than two years. I pay community fees, electricity, local taxes (IBI) and water using direct debit.
        Works great for me!

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