Is Spain really that cheap?

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      Read this at Money Saving Expert

      Strongest purchasing power on arrival. Here’s the price of a basket of goods inc beers, water & meals, which costs £72.14 in the UK (Brighton), compiled by the Post Office at today’s exchange rates (it can vary by city too – this was priced at tourist resorts):

      Hungary (£37.40)
      Bulgaria (£39.52)
      Thailand (£42.31)
      Spain (£45.26)
      Bali (£52.51)
      Kenya (£52.60)
      Malaysia (£57.71)
      Croatia (£63.46)
      Greece (£64.02)
      Egypt (£65.45)
      USA (£75.70)
      Turkey (£76.08)

      I was surprised to see Spain so cheap, much cheaper than supposedly cheapo destinations like Egypt and Turkey. I live here and it certainly doesn’t feel cheap.

      Some mistake, d’ya think?


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      Not sure how they arrived at these figures 😆

      I have personal experience (this year) of UK, Spain and the USA. The USA is definately the cheapest. Kenya, last year seemed about level with the UK and Egypt was cheaper thanSpain too.

      Everyone says Turkey and Bulgaria are cheap, perhaps it’s an internet myth the same as some says the Canaries are cheap 😕

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      i think it depends what the shopping list is.
      i’m surprised that thailand is so high, definately not what i was paying last year, very cheap to me.

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      Seams hard to believe, at current exchange rates Spain in not cheap but as has been said depends on what’s in the basket, some things are still good value so maybe it’s weighted towards those products, surprised at the US and Turkey, when I have been there they were very good value

      Sounds like eating out could be part of the basket, we find Spain can still be good value particularly a few kilometres inland, often seams cheaper than buying all the items at supermarket

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