Is it possible to buy a cheap property in Ibiza?

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    Property in Ibiza tends to be very expensive partly because the island became a fashionable place to live in back in the 1960’s with the rich and famous and as a result property prices there are sky high. However, with these times of austerity and economic decline would it ever be worthwhile trying to buy a property in Ibiza at a reasonable price comparable to the prices fetched for property on the costa del sol today or will Ibiza always remain prohibitively expensive?

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    If the property in Ibiza is too expensive then Brits could always follow these:

    Brits sleep rough in Ibiza 🙄

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    The answer to your question is in your question.

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    Brits sleeping rough in Ibiza is a man bites dog story.

    There have been young Brits sleeping rough in Ibiza for as long as I can remember, as often as not because they go over to party their heads off for a weekend and don’t even bother booking a room anywhere. Why pay for a bed if you never plan to get into it?

    I’ve ‘slept rough’ in plenty of places in my life, including Henley-on-Thames over the Regatta, I hate to admit. Hardly a great hardship when you are young.

    Obviously none of this is the same as the tragedy of homelessness amongst the young in the UK.

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    At that age if you can snuggle up to some one on a nice warm night with the stars winking at you. Do you really want to pay for a hotel !!!!!! I say QED

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