Is Eralia trying to extricate itself from these developments

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    Please see below an e-mail sent to me by Eralia. My concern is that the companies that are left behind are just “shelf” companies or companies with little or no asset base in order that disgruntled clients have in effect no-one tangible to sue.

    Can anyone shed any light upon this ?

    Dear customer,

    We would like to inform you that we have recently sold our shares in the following companies:

    Los Lagos de Santa María Golf, S.L.
    (Development: Los Lagos de Santa María Golf)

    Marbella Vista Golf, S.L.
    (Development: Santa María Green Hills)

    Dream Hill, S.L.
    (Development: La Hacienda del Señorío de Cifuentes)

    Currently the main owner of the mentioned companies is Mr. Eustaquio Moleón, who was the majority shareholder of those projects.

    As from the 1st of June 2007 Grupo Eralia, S.L. will no longer be in charge of the Marketing & Sales of the above mentioned urbanizations, nor will Eralia arrange the title deeds, manage customers services or aftersales with regard to these developments.

    To avoid possible inconveniences for the purchasers, Empresas Moleón has agreed that the former Eralia staff in charge of these tasks will now be at your disposal working for Arquigest (management company for Empresas Moleón). Should you need to contact them, their new office will be in Block 17 (ground floor) at La Hacienda del Señorío de Cifuentes (Benahavís) and their details are as follows:

    Mr. Fran Vega – Ms. Ana García – Mr. Carlos Padilla
    T +34 952 769207
    F +34 952 769208

    Mr. Víctor Sánchez, the solicitor for the Moleón Companies, is located in Granada (headoffice):

    ARQUIGEST 2003, S.L.
    Mr. Víctor Sánchez
    C/ Luis Braille 5, 1ºB
    18005 Granada
    T +34 958 215644

    Lastly, we would like to thank you for your trust in us and hope that the relationship with our company has been acceptable. Should you feel that we made any fault in the past, we would like to take the opportunity to apologize for it.

    Yours sincerely,

    Leonardo Cromstedt
    Managing Director

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    Fran Vega was Head of Customer Services for Eralia.

    Victor Sanchez was (still is?) lawyer for Marbella Vista Golf (Green Hills) and Eralia.

    Leo Cromstedt was (still is?) MD for Eralia and Marbella Vista Golf. Maybe he sold his MVG ‘hat’ with the shares??

    Marbella Vista Golf SL has a declared share capital of only 36,000 euros.

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    WHAT A COP OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Should you feel that we made any fault in the past, we would like to take the opportunity to apologize for it.

    An apology!!!!!!! 😯 It’s a bit ******g late for that!!

    Many thanks for sharing that info Paul.

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