Is Airbnb allowed on La Gomera?

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      Dear Mark and forum readers,

      First of all, thanks for offering this great forum with useful information.

      I did my best to find a sufficient answer to our specific situation but I haven’t succeed yet, hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

      The situation in short:

      My girlfriend’s dad has a property on La Gomera (just outside a small town in the mountains). On the property there are 3 small houses, each suitable for 2 persons. None of the houses are being used. The property is registered under his Spanish company.

      My girlfriend and I are going to live in one of the houses for 6 months a year (we remain non-residents and keep our Dutch nationality). We would like to rent out the other 2 houses via platforms like Airbnb. For these activities we would like to set up a Spanish or a Dutch company (not sure yet which option is the most attractive, tax-wise).

      My questions are:

      • What are the requirements for short-stay rental on the Canaries – La Gomera?
      • What type of Spanish taxes do we have to pay?
      • None of the generated income goes to my girlfriend’s dad, everything is wired via Airbnb to our bank account and we pay the necessary taxes (income, etc.). Is my girlfriend’s dad obliged to  keep an administration for the houses nevertheless?
      • Can someone recommend a liable accountant on Tenerife / La Gomera?

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      Kind regards,

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