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    As the forum is quite at the moment I thought I would remind all Irish forum members that the 2007 tax filing deadline is tomorrow (31 October) unless you file and pay online and then you have until 17 November 2008.

    Brian Lenihan needs your money so be generous and give a little!

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    Who needs the taxman !! when you are there. It will be interesting to see how people who have not set the amount of tax payable aside, will raise cash to settle their tax bill. Will the revenue act in an accommodating manner, as being requested from others such as Banks.

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    Oh, come on Shakeel – get real đŸ˜‰

    Tax receipts are going to plummet so we can only expect the Revenue to get more assertive and less accommodating.

    I get the feeling that there are going to be a lot more investigations this year with respect to possible evasion issues.

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    I agree maximus !!!!. I wanted to see how other forums users felt.

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    There was an article in my local Irish newspaper this weekend stating that the irish revenue are sending out thousands of letters to people whom they have been given information that own holiday homes in spain, France and such. It printed an actual copy of one such letter that was received by a person who owned a home abroad. They wanted to know
    1…where they got the money to buy the property.
    2… how much they paid for it
    3… if they were renting it or not and for how much.
    The letter goes on to state that the revenue were given information from the various countried in which people had purchased properties.
    Just goes to show that when things get tough they will try and squeeze every euro that they can.

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