Ireland introduces new property tax

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    I read that Ireland have introduced a new annual property tax of 0.18pc on house values up to €1m, then 0.25pc above that (so €2,500 p.a. on a €1m home).

    Let’s hope they don’t come up with similarly bad idea here in Spain…… 🙄

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    And you value your own property 😉

    It’s ok, at least it’ll fund the coffers…. noone here in our village is too worried about it. For my Dad’s house it’ll be about 300 euros and next year I believe you only pay for half the year?

    The flat in Spain now has an IBI of 158 euros per year….and from reading another site all those villas in villages north of Almeria are about 3/400 euros per year for IBI.

    What most people are angry about here is the cut in funding for carers.

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