Investment fraud of English criminals to English residents

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      Just came out today in “El Mundo” in the area of Barcelona.

      Think its only fair to say that in all the real estate mess that we have in Spain, the English agents had also a big responsability like in this case. Together with all crooks of developers, banks etc. that constructed illegal buildings that they were selling to English expats without doing due diligence, and involving their own laywers for their interests.

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      Interesting. I’d heard there were “boiler rooms” (I believe the suitable translation for “chiringuitos financieros”) for investment scam companies operating on the Costas. I didn’t know they operated in Barcelona too, but with the expat population there I suppose it makes sense.
      With all the cold selling we get on the phone nowadays – telecoms, banks, energy supplies – we may just stop taking landline calls… If I ever make a purchase based on a cold call, I think I’ll deserve whatever I get. But I can understand how some people can be tricked in this way.

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      If you google you will find there have been quite a few boiler room scams in Barcelona. Lots operating on the CDS too including those selling land. They operate from Spain because the law is not as stringent as the UK regarding these scams. Don’t understand why people fall for their drivel, I don’t even bother to say “no thanks”…just cut the call 😈

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