Insurance for British car in Spain

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    I might need to borrow a UK-registered car and drive it in Spain, maybe for a year or so. Any ideas on the best options for insurance? Look in the UK or Spain? Anyone know of a specialist in this sort of thing?

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    Try IBEX insurance. Technically it is illegal to drive a UK car for that long in Spain but many do it.

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    I thought 6 months was the maximum to drive around in Spain in a foreign registered car 🙄 We once drove into Spain and a Border Policewoman asked me to stop and she made a note of our registration which must be logged into a system, however we were in Spain for 8 months that time and sold the car to a Brit who then drives UK reg’d cars back to sell in the UK 🙄

    Maybe, being in Barcelona and near the French border you could nip back to France a couple of times which you could then prove you did, not sure if this satisfies the requirements 😉

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    Abbeygate based in Gibraltar will insure UK plated cars with a Spanish address and include EU wide green card and breakdown cover.Reasonable costs.

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    I can insure UK reg cars in Spain through Lloyds of London email me at

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    Another poster with an advertising for free agenda 🙄 beware of spammers on forums!

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