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      Our community in Marbella is looking at installing CCTV cameras in our urbanisation for security and to try and control the dog mess and their owners. We were originally told by our community administrator that this was not possible due to Data protection laws in Spain. However after having read some of the comments on the website searches it seems it is possible provided you register with the local town hall and Police in Marbella. I would appreciate any up to date comments regarding the installation of CCTV in the Spanish Communities.
      Many thanks

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      We are a large private community inland from Marbella. Our board met to discuss this and whereas more security cameras were wanted on the Urbanisation they were out voted, so for now only strategic areas have been covered e.g. entrances and rubbish collection areas.

      There are differences between Private and Town Hall run Urbanisations, but even if an Administrator gives you information that you cannot put up cameras always advisable to get a second qualified opinion.

      We have the same problem with dog mess, again the board wanted to put up more notices but were outvoted again, this was then left to the actual community to do something rather than the main Community.

      I do know of a community near Marbella that fines owners for not clearing up mess.People can be fined in Malaga and some other towns for this as well. If you have a lot of dog owners this is a hard thing to control.

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      Many thanks for your input. We are a private development and we do not know who the owners of the dogs are otherwise we would be sending them a fine. Will look into having a vote on having them installed.

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      Community of owners cannot impose fines. Only the Public Administration and Judges can do so. So, even if the Community decides to impose a fine, if the owner do not pay, there is no way for the community to force the owner to pay. Then, what for?. But, there are other ways to force the owner of dogs to “behave”, dealing with this issue as a “nuisance activity” (actividad molesta).

      Installing cameras is possible in a private property, although you have to fulfill several regulations. It is, then, advisable to hire a well known company to take care of all the formalities: i.e: Malaca, Prosegur, etc.

      Kind regards.

      Yolanda Palencia

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