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      Does anybody have any experience about Xativa,canals, inland valancia. As i have been looking at properties here and wondered what the area was like and if there is much in amenities and schools etc

      Any advise would be helpful 😉

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      Hi Emma

      The areas you mention – Xativa and Canals are very nice areas. Xativa is a large City of about 30,000 people (large by Spanish standards not English). It is very friendly and there are a community of ex pat Brits there also however you would be as well learning the language and mixing with the Spanish as you will find a wealth of culture with the Spanish people, once they take to you they really take you to heart.

      As for amenities in Xativa well you have it all from schools, hospitals, shops, bars and restaurants and being only 45 minutes from Valencia airport and 60 minutes from the City centre (less if you go by train) you arent far from major retail outlets – and just close to Valencia airport is a factory outlet park such as they have in UK.

      Canals is a little bit more isolated and is ideal for those wanting to get away from it all. However amenities are a little less available. Obviously it dpnsonat yu nt but here you will need to speak Spanish as the English community isnt so big.

      Some other areas you may wish to consider in this area.

      Ontinyent. the third largest city in the Valencian community and famous for its textiles and shoes. It is a rich town in both culture and general wealth but because it is 45 minutes inland it is 40% cheaper than on the costas.

      If you want the lowdown on the area in greater detail I write for a local newspaper – The Inland Trader and it is available online. If you drop me a message to or I will send the link through to you. Here you can download all previous issues which have news about various towns which will help you build a picture of the area.

      If you reuire any further info about the area in general or specific towns please drop me a line either privately or through the forum and I will endeavour to respond

      Regards and best wishes

      Vince Barnes

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      You mentioned in your recent post that there is a factory outlet park near Valencia airport.
      Can you tell me what the name of it is and if they have a website.

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      Hi Jemol

      The factory outlet is called Bonaire but I havent a clue if they have a website or not. There is also another one en route to Valencia which is bigger and more of a retail park than factory outlet but a lot of the same stores there as well. I cant remember the name of this one but it it literally just off the motorway as you head down the A3 to Valencia. After you leave the AP7 head towards Valencia and it is the third Junction I believe.

      For Bonaire same thing after taking the airport exit head towards the airport and it is the third turn off – it is signposted and you can see it from the road.

      Good luck


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