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      morning I hope you can help with our sensitive situation with the above.Both our parents passed away dad 2012 mum 2014 both born and bred in Galicia .June 2012 we had to bring them back to the uk to be looked after by my brother.My brother then decided that because he has given up his job to look after our parents he transferred a vast amount of cash to the uk with permission from our father.We had power of attorney in place both in Spain and here in the uk because both our parents had dementia.Dad passed away in sept 2012, then we split dads side of the money 50/50 and at the same time submitted tax report early 2013 and still waiting for a response.We  cannot access mums side of the money until tax has been paid but after some research on the web tax exemptions in Galicia are very generous so much so we may not pay anything.The questions I need to you ,if we are liable to pay tax does the money my brother transferred into his account liable for tax and also would I have to pay tax on the amount drawn out by my brother even if  I disagreed with this for example I inherited 15000euros from dad with a further 15000euros to come from mum brother 30000 euros transfer with a further 15000euros to come from mum does he pay tax on 45000euros? we also inherited a flat and house and land the flat is been rented  the rest the house is empty and our land except for one plot. Which is urban the rest is rustic the house may have to be knocked down

      hope you can help

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      Mark Stücklin

      Frank, is just too complicated to answer this. You’ll need to consult a tax specialist. However, I can say that, if you are tax resident in the UK, it’s fair to assume you have to pay tax on everything that is not exempt.

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