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    hi, could someone let me know how you reach the figures to pay your wealth tax and renta, i need to pay it but havnt got a clue where to start. thank you.

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    Hi Mick

    You could go to your Lawyer and they should do it for less than 100 euro’s

    You could buy a book “You and the Law in Spain” by David Searl which has a guild.

    You could look here which will give you a free guild but relates to someone in the Alicante area but you get the idea.



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    As Paul said it’s often easier to get a Solicitor or Gestoria to do the work, it won’t cost much and takes all the pain out of queuing and filling in all those forms if it’s your 1st year, after that you may want to try it yourself. For what you pay in fee’s with a Gestoria you will probably save in tax.

    I knew one Gestoria who did this for 30 Euros a few years back.

    Regards Ian

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