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      I get some strange emails. Today’s offering is this one from a developer called Trampolin – look at the inducements to sell their properties! The buying public should be made aware of these “gifts” don’t you think? Not to mention the 18% commission!!!!!!

      “May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the exciting Spanish real state building company that is TRAMPOLIN GOLF RESORTS. We are currently creating an impressive new development situated in ?Campos del Rio?, MURCIA here in Spain. It is placed only 35 minutes from the coast and San Javier airport, 15 mins from the future international airport of Corvera and the centre of Murcia. The famously magnificent SPA of Archena and Mula are only 5 mins down the road.

      Consisting of an exclusive 18 hole golf course, restaurants, bilingual primary school, supermarkets, health clinics and shopping stores, our project is being built within two million square metres of land. We have realised the importance of relaxing surroundings and have included rich green areas for parks, tennis courts, communal and private swimming pools, three luxury hotels and all with 24 hours security.

      We are building 2.500, apartments, penthouses, and villas of an impeccable quality here in TRAMPOLIN HILLS starting from as little as 114.000 ? and progressing to 200.000 ?, depending on the whereabouts and size of the accommodation.


      * Each apartment offers 2 or 3 bedrooms
      * Penthouses include not only a Jacuzzi but also 70m2 private terrace
      * Attractive villas mounted on a 400m2 plot or more.


      * A handsome 18 % COMISSION (tax included) for your collaboration and also because the client has two options of payment:

      1) Investment offer

      2) A bank guarantee

      * For every 30 villas or apartments you sell, we GIVE you a ?Zahara? APARTMENT of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms AS A PERSONAL GIFT”

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      a free apartment, bl00dy hell!

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      [ClickPress, Mon Sep 04 2006]
      Following the complete sell-out of phase 1 and 2, Trampolin Hills Golf Resort has just launched phase 3. Set in the spectacular Murcian landscape in south-east Spain, Trampolin Hills Golf Resort is one of the regions most exciting golf, property and leisure developments in Spain.

      Some very wealthy agents out there now 😯

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      When can we expect to read a posting from someone telling us about the wonderful investment they have made on this development 😉

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      Hi Hillybilly,

      As an agent I get bombarded with emails from them. I dont sell there and I dont know anybody else that does. I think if you need to offer such high commissions and a free property there must some serious doubts raised as to why. A good site will always sell, but there is such a glut of inland golf developments in Murcia they are all finding it hard to sell.

      Here is the contents of a previous email I had.


      Trampolin Hills is shuting down office in torrevieja at 31th january. From february im not working anymoore in here. So now im looking for a new job. =) Please find attached my CV.

      Kind regards


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      We were once offered 25% commision on a development in Tibi (inland from Alicante). I believe the developer has gone t**s up leaving a trail of problems and debts behind them, wouldnt be surprised if that included lots of unpaid agents commision, ahhh shame I hear you say 😉


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