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      I particularly enjoy good Rioja wines, and also think Navarra wines are equally as good, both of which in the UK are getting quite a lot more expensive even from supermarkets for pretty ordinary stuff.

      Has anyone here successfully found independent suppliers in Spain who ship every few weeks to the UK so as to cut out the middle men whilst supplying the lesser known vineyards’ wines 😉

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      Hi Angie ….. if you’re looking commercially, you could start with -> …. they’ve got a trade exhibition in London this month.

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      Thanks very much for that info Mike, I will certainly look into that, I believe we could make up a decent order as a trade purchase as quite a few of us have Rioja/Navarra tasting evenings, we love the stuff, plus accompanied by tapas, makes a very sociable evening 😛

Viewing 2 reply threads
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