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      Hi,sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times before but could anyone recommend a good independent Solicitor in the La Herradura region? My Mum and Dad are planning to buy a townhouse there,and are more than willing to pay a premium for very good legal representation to acheive a stress free purchase. It would also be a great help if anyone knows of any local forums for this area,where they can gain information on all facillities,and gleen a overall feel for the place. Just like to say how helpful we’ve already found this forum to be,and to say a “thanks” in anticipation for your responces.

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      We work in Costa de la Luz, but have a colleague who helps us at western andalucia purchases. We can certainly help you if you need it.

      Otherwise, you can look at the list of independent lawyers that Mark has created. It is in in the Resources and Solutions folder.

      Best regards,

      Maria de Castro

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