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      My solicitor has just sent me a request to pay them so that they can calculate this payment for the current fiscal year. However, I would much prefer to save paying my solicitor this fee for what appears to be a 5-minute task and calculate this myself.

      From the information that Mark published on here a few months ago, my understanding of the method of IRNR calculation is as follows:

      Cadastral value x 1.1% (as property built in 2008) x 24%

      I have the Cadastral value from this year’s IBI – €39.703,08 – resulting in a calculated payment of €104,82.

      Seems straightforward, however, when I look at the amount I paid last year based upon my solicitor’s calculations, this doesn’t seem to equate. Working backwards from their figure for last year of €78,46 would mean that the Cadastral value was €29.719,90 – giving a 33% increase in the Cadastral value this year!

      Am I being a numpty and doing something wrong in my calculation?

      Secondly, how do I actually pay this?


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      If your property was built in 2008, i think it is unlikely that it had a catastral value assigned in 2009. Things move slowly in Spain.

      In which case the calculation is based upon 50% of the escritura price.

      But 1.1% of valor catastral *24% is correct.

      I suspect that the difference is due to one of the following

      1) No valor catastral calculated for 2009 in which case your solicitor used his own value based on ???
      2) he/she got it wrong as valor catastral was indeed available in 2009.

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