Illegal Builds in Murcia

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      Just read an interesting article about illegal builds in Murcia. I’ve cut and pasted the article below

      “The Murcia City Hall says the property owners in the Huerta de Murcia have only until the end of January next year to make things good.
      Of the 4,000 illegally built homes in the Huerta de Murcia, the owners of only 129 have asked for their properties to be made legal in the third extraordinary application period which has been opened by the local City Hall.

      The town planning department says that the period by which properties must be put in order ends on Jan 31 2009, and after that time they can apply for irregular buildings to be demolished.

      It follows a two year extension being added to the five years already granted under the 2001 PGOU urban plan. Most of the illegal property is in the areas known as the Cañada Hermosa or Cañada de San Pedro.”


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