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    Im Stu and my wife is Maggie. We are considering a move to the Chiclana area over the next 12 months. Friends of our’s moved out there last year and they love the place.

    One thing that worries me though is the number of ‘illegal’ houses in the area. Does anyone know how to get round this problem and how to make sure the property we purchase is legal and able to have all services connected. The last thing we want is to buy a home with future problems stored within.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hello Stu

    Just check everything about the house first:obtain a “Cédula Urbanística” from the town council, check the register to see if the house is registered, …. or simply go to the planning department of the town hall and ask all about it. They must inform you accurately.

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    As Juan says it’s easy to check these things, though best have a good lawyer do it as it’s a bit of a challenge if you aren’t familiar with the issues and don’t speak Spanish.

    The town hall can confirm if a property is legally built or not (not just the property, but all extensions or alterations, if any).

    The town hall can confirm if the property has a residential use permit (cédula de habitabilidad). If so then the utility companies can provide you with their services. However that doesn’t in itself guarantee that you will get water, telephone, electricity etc. Depends where the property is and if the utilities have the delivery infrastructure in place. Many rural properties need boreholes, radio telephone connections, etc.


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    Thanks you two – that has made things much clearer.

    Stu 😀

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