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    After owning my apartment for 4 years the residents on my development are now receiving their IBI charge
    I signed for the apartment in Febuary 2004 and have received a charge for 2004 to 2007 (4 years). Is this correct ? I was of the understanding the charge is made on the 1st of January and therefore I was not the owner on that date 2004.
    Should there be an IBI charge for 2004 or would it belong to the developer.

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    Hi Scallop,

    Check your IBI for 2004. and see if the charge is 11/12ths of the total amount due.

    Failing that you are only paying 1 months rates more than you are due to as you did own your apartment for most of 2004 you are due to pay your rates on it.

    You could try and get the builder to pay for the month of January 2004, but, quite honestly that would be a lot of hassle for the sake of maybe 50 Euro´s.

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    Sorry, I thought the IBI charge was an annual charge to the owner of the property on the 1st of January and is not apportioned thereafter.

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    Yes the IBI is an anual charge scallop.

    Usually if a property is being sold, let´s say 6 months into the IBI period, the IBI will not be refunded by the adminitrators to the vendor. It is usually up to the buyers and the vendors to settle the refund between them at the Notary or before.

    As I mentioned in the previous post, you have had the benefit of 11 months in 2004, so, your developer would in effect owe you 1/12th of the bill, probably 50 Euro´s only. But getting it I suspect will not be easy, though it my be worth a try.

    Good Luck.

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