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      Hi All,

      After more than 2 years our off plan property looks lovely, is finished, cleaned and locked up ready to be moved into……so what’s the problem??

      The developers have been unable to pin Iberdrola down to when they will come and connect the electricity supply despite apparently trying for some time. They have suggested we pay for and take possession of the apartment but can’t live there without the power. Not sure this is the best option with no clear idea of when we may be able to turn on a light!

      Does anyone have a contact phone number/email for Iberdrola so I can at least make some attempt to find out for myself when they are planning to visit the site?

      I am not suggesting I will have more luck than the developers etc, but anything is worth trying at this point as our furniture arrived in Spain a month ago along with most of my clothes!!

      Thank you in anticipation,


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      the website if it is of any use for iberdrola is http://www.iberdrola.es – I know it is in spanish but you may get some telephone number which may be of use – other than that you’ll have to get your dictionary out!!

      Best of luck

      Angela 😀

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      many thanks Angela,

      I have just sent them an email (the site has an English language page!)

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