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      Dear Sirs,

      My name is Maria Angeles Ferrero, I am the owner of a Duplex in la Urbanización “Los Pinos” of Cartagena (Murcia) Spain, just behind the hospital “de la Caridad” and next to a huge pines forest. Cartagena is a very nice city with sun 365 days per year guaranteed.
      These Duplex are just new built. For family reasons we had to move to another village and so we decided to sell it, but due to the bad times for the propertys sales, we have decided to furnish it and hire it(let it). Since last month of August, I had let it to a couple with no child and pets, my letting contrat is for 11 months, so I can sell it at any time, I get paid 600 euros per month, bills apart, despite in the same urbanizacion, the prices are 700 and 750 per month, but in my case, it was my interest to let it because the couple has no childrens or pets who could damage the house more than just a couple that both work and are away all day.
      The reason I write to you is to offer you my duplex to be sold, with or without the occupant, this is a good oportunity for any investor or for somebody who wouldnt need the house to move in inmediately. Furthermore, the occupants are very good payers, this means that everymonth , the same day, they put the money on my bank without being me pushing them to pay (as sometimes happens).
      The duplex has 2 double rooms upstairs en suite (each one has the bathroom inside) and both have a small terrace, the main bedroom has hydromasage on the bathroom.
      The two bedrooms have built in wardrobes. In the main plant there is a single bedroom (or release), a toilet, the independent kitchen completely furnished, with all the home electrical appliances (dishwasher, microwave, Vitro, oven, etc) also has in the back a gallery with scrubber, and also washer and dryer. The living room has a small terrace . Downstairs there is a big garage for 2 cars that communicates directly with the house. It also has an independent utility room.
      I send you attached some photos and also the floor plan.
      The materials are of high quality, marble Macael throughout the house. I have the valuation of last April by 269,000.-Euros, and that was without the furnished kitchen.
      I want to sell it more or less for what it cost me+costs as it dont live in Cartagena and I would like to invest in something more nearby (I leave in Yecla now ). The price are 265,000- Euros. If you have any possible client interested in purchasing a home in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact me, if you are not interested but know someone who could be, please give him my contact details.
      Thank you for your time and I hope to receive news from you soon.

      Maria Angeles Ferrero

      PS. I can prove with oficial documents all specify above, I dont have any inconvenience in sending you the docs( valuation, letting contract, etc)

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