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      Hello there,
      Could anyone give me some advice on the following.
      I’m an non-resident owner of the flat in Spain, which I rent out. One Spanish agency takes care about it and deals with tenants. But I realised that I don’t really know anything about my flat – if they really pay the bills or not for example. Are there any websites where I can check if everything that should be paid is paid, like electricity, gas and so on. Or are there any other ways to check it?
      I’d be really grateful for your answer.

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      Hi Katie

      After around 3 months if the bills arent paid then they coulw be cut off so if the tenant is still there and you are receiveing the rent, you can safely assume it is being paid. Usually the contract for the supply stays in your name but the addresse for the bill becomes to the tenant and they then pay it either via bank dd or by hand. The bills could still be in your name with the tenant paying it.

      At the end of the tenancy the agency should hold onto the tenants deposit until they call the suppliers to find out whats owed or make an inteligent guestimation and deduct that from the deposit monies.

      Hope that helps

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