how safe is my newly bought, empty property ?

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    hello all,
    Im very happy to announce that Ive recently secured a property in beautiful Catalonia. Now, as I live abroad Im concerned about the safety of the property. It is a rural property outisde a small village. It has no electricity or running water so Im not that worried about squatters, but what about the roof tiles etc. should I take steps to have it looked after by someone ? is there a norm for this ? any help is greatly appreciated.
    kind regards

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    Something easy to forget when buying. Not so much problem if its a flat in a building where there are others you know. Try insuring it with Intasure Staysure Towergate. Try and find local person to look round once a week if possible -pay them a little inducement maybe ! Maybe a barking dog gadget ? Where I am there are people who look after flats and houses while the owners are away. Some of these are English and do it to earn a crust -that ought not be difficult to arrange. Then a local estate agent -maybe the one you bought from or the people you bought from might know someone ?

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    Not safe at all is my opinion. Empty properties, especially in rural locations in Spain eventually get plundered by gypsies and thieves.
    You either need a long term tenant or employ a security company to guard it.

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