How much have Spanish property prices actually fallen?

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    The big question is, how much have Spanish property prices actually fallen, peak to present?

    I’m talking about actual market prices – the prices at which properties actually sell today – not asking prices (vendor fantasies).

    Obviously nobody knows for sure, and there are no reliable statistics. So it’s just based on you personal experience, what you have seen.

    Feel free to qualify your answer with reference to location and type of property.

    So for example, I can say that middle / upper-middle class villas in the suburbs around Barcelona are down 50% or more. There are a number on the market for around 3 million, but the few that actually sell do so for 1.5 million. At the height of the boom they might have gone for 3.5 – 4 million. That’s just based on anecdotal evidence talking to agents.


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