How Many Brokers in Spain?!

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      Hi there –

      I am doing a bit of research on the Spanish real estate agent market, and funnily, I am having a devil of a time with a very simple question: how many real estate agents are there in Spain?

      I know in the UK, at least looking at the on-line guys like Rightmove and Zoopla, there are about 18,000 – 19,000 agents out there in the UK.

      But I am not sure how to read-across this number to Spain.


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      Hi PKW

      A very interesting question; out of interest what is purpose of your research.

      I am by no means an expert, simply a non-resident who owns a property in inland Spain.

      Unlike UK, my impression is that the Spanish real estate business has many faces. I have not encountered many (if any) nationwide chains of agents just but many many independents, often with just a single office serving the local area. Clearly the number has greatly reduced since the heights of 2008. The town where I have my property has a population of 25,000 (with a light smattering of non Spanish). There are currently 4 independent inmobiliarios, where there used to be double this many. And the 4 that remain are having a hard time.

      There are also of course a great many non-Spanish real estate agents serving the ex-pat markets on the costas, and these would have no relationships with Spanish estate agents serving the nationals.

      There are also a plethora of internet only ‘estate agents’, again mainly serving the ex-pat markets.

      I have not encountered a ‘Rightmove’ type of website.The closest I have found is  but would be iterested to know if another exists

      Hope this helps


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      Many thanks Kevin –

      Research-wise, I am trying to figure out the size of the real estate agent marketing spend for Spain, and comparing that across other European countries, including the UK.

      Your insight regarding where you have your properties is helpful.  This is what I am starting to sense – there are a lot of independents.  AND, unlike say Germany, there is a huge non-Spanish, international buyer’s universe, serviced by a variety of hard to identify, individual outfits.

      I saw one presentation that said there were approx. 15,000 and someone else told me there were 30,000 — ha ha – bit of a delta there…

      Thanks again for your post




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      You can get the knfo at INE.Instituto Nacional de Estadística

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      Inland Andalucia


      I have mentioned below the Real estate agencies in Spain by zone

      997 Andalusia
      30 Aragon
      35 Cantabria
      55 Castile-La Mancha
      63 Castile and Leon
      331 Catalonia
      343 Madrid
      779 Valencia
      41 Estremadura
      80 Galicia
      101 Balearic Islands
      136 Canary Islands
      3 Rioja
      1 Melilla
      17 Navarre
      28 Basque Country
      38 Asturias
      94 Murcia

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