how long to recover your tax paid from the council ???

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      Hi there all.
      i am sure some of you very knowledgeable people may be able to help me with a problem that I have . Some of you may be aware that last year We recovered our money through the courts for a property we were buying , well during that process we had to pay a tax on it (even though we were going to court ). Well the Judge ruled in ouf favour and stated that we were to claim this tax back from the council in Benalmadena/Malaga region. This was almost 1 year ago and still no money returned to us. A couple of days ago our solicitor , who may i say is brilliant! told us that he went to Malaga to enquire what is going on with the refund only to be told that “files have been mislayed” and that now the paperwork has to go from Malaga to Seville and then …and only then…if there is enough money in the council kitty to pay us back the 1,500 euro they owe us will we receive it. This is unbelievable! even the solicitor was amazed at the lengths they go to avoid paying back what they were so quick to demand in the first place. We don’t know how long it will drag on for and as I said it is almost 1 year since the solicitor put in the paperwork for the refund. Have any of you guys any experience of this??? could you please let me know???

      Thanks ! Bettyboo

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