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    Can anyone enlighten me as to how car insurance works here?

    Unfortunatly what I am being told by my insurance company seems to differ from what my Spanish friends/the garage are saying and I really don’t know who to believe (not the insurance company is my gut feeling!!).

    I was crashed into early in May (not my fault, waiting at a roundabout and the guy behind didn’t want to wait!!) and finally TODAY have been told that my car is authorised for repair…I mentioned that I thought this was taking a stupidly long time and the insurance company say things happen slowly here, the garage says it normally takes 2 days and my friends say the same week usually, so who is right?

    Next question: is it normal to be able to get a courtesy car whilst yours is in for repair? Insurance company say No and that it is unlikely I’d get the money back from the 3rd parties insurance..?

    Does anyone know if the claim is made directly to the other parties insurance company or paid by mine and then reclaimed? I have to pay the excess and reclaim this, and as my insurance is up for renewal next month, I guess I am stuck with them as I’d like my 300e back!



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    It always depends on what company you are with… and of course which kind of insurance you have contracted.

    Delay for the company appraisers to approve repairs shouldn’t be more than a couple of working days (some companies even state this on their contracts)
    Courtesy car is not an usual service unless specifically contracted. I have this service but it’s provided by the superb (and expensive) insurances provided trough my car brand by my dealer, not the insurance company.

    Of course you do have the right to claim every expense you may had derived from the accident and also, by law, the company has the duty to pay a lawyer of your choice to do so (check your insurance contract) if you feel they aren’t doing everything they should in your behalf.

    About contracting with a new company I would advice you to go to a ‘Correduría de Seguros’ (they are independent insurance agents) instead of going directly to an big Insurance Company, they sometimes get better prices and you usually get a personalized service from them.


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    Thanks Cesar,

    I have fully comp insurence, but am very unimpressed with this company, especially now as my renewal is due and they have told me the following:

    When a claim is made a client will lose a portion of their no claims bonus
    whilst the claim is active.

    If renewal occurs whilst the claim is open your premium will increase. If this is the first claim then you lose 2 years bonus, if a second claim then you would return to zero no claims allowance.

    When the claim is settled and it is deemed NON-FAULT then your bonus will be reinstated and the extra premium will be returned to you in full.

    Is this normal here?
    It sounds to me as if they are not claiming on the 3rd parties insurance.


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    I’m afraid that’s quite normal, well… everything but the 2 year bonus lose…

    They are not claiming?? no, they are negotiating with the other party.. that’s the part they don’t tell you… every company has a minimum no-court settlement price so if your repair isn’t too expensive they won’t claim, just negotiate.

    Try a Correduría they usually get better conditions


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    I think these conditions are the same in the UK. (or used to be ).

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    Yes, but in the UK if its not your fault it doesn´t mean you lose your no claims bonus (well half of it as they will only count 4 years (I have 8 in real terms) and so now have 2).

    Really would NOT recommend the insurence co but my car is presently on UK plates (but is LHD) so that lessens the choice. When it is repaired and re-registered I will do as recommended and consult a broker!

    How would it work if I tried to change companies now..the present one have authorised my repair but the garage is busy for a few weeks and then I have to pay the excess and claim it I better to stay with them and change when I re-register the car (as they have told me they will have to cancel the policy and do a new one and charge me admin fees…)

    Basically would they pay up and would I get my excess back??



    PS it makes a change from answering questions about houses or the CDS !!

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