How do they calculate the area of an apartment in spain?

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      An estate agent has sent me the floor plan for an apartment.
      The apartment is advertised as 54 Square Meters.
      I calculate 44 in the image
      Can anyone explain to me where the missing 10 squares are?

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      Your calculation of 44m2 agrees with the data on the plan.

      55m2 is the total area based on external dimensions, so in other words includes the lost area due to the external/interior walls, storage cupboards, stairs etc.

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      someone suggested that it includes storage cupboards.
      But I would have thought that the dimensions of 44m would already have included these I mean, calculated the area wall to wall, not wall to cupboard or cupboard to cupboard.
      I am wondering if they have included that large area that is in front of the entrance door, it looks like about the right dimensions for 10 squares, but I find it hard to believe.

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      No, as I said it’s the walls.

      If your apartment was a square box with each wall 8m in length and wall thickness of 30cm then the total area occupied by the walls is 4*8*0.3 = 9.6m2

      Then there are the internal walls.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      it is stated in the image

      superficie util = usable space

      superficie construida = built size

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      On newer buildings the area “util” often also includes common areas as well (gardens, pista de padel, even the pool maybe) so it is usually more than the actual area inside the flat. I’m not sure how they work it out, but they attribute some precentage of the common areas to each flat in the urbanización. It may be rather a sharp practice by developers to make the place sound bigger, or it may be a requirement in the way the building is registered but, either way, it is what they do and it is standard practice these days. So while it might be irritating, don’t be put off by it (we had the same when we bought a new build in Madrid a few years ago).

      Ironically on older houses they tended to understate the area because there used to be a tax based on how big the house was (so I have been told)

      EDIT – just saw that the area util actually matches the internal space, so it is as Fuengi & jp1 say

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