How Common is pre-completion "Terror"?

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      Anyone else get freaked out as their completion date approached or is just me? I’d be very interested to hear about your experiences, especially if you were blowing hot and cold about the whole thing.

      How did you feel on completion, and would you do it again?

      If you decided to pull out, are you glad you did?

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      It is a daunting experience. exasperated by the system, careless lawyers if using one, paper chase etc.

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      Very common feeling, also known as Buyer’s Remorse when it completes, and especially if buying a property overseas or UK where you think you’re overpaying.

      The old adage, if it feels wrong, probably better to pull out provided you don’t lose to much in stage payments/deposit.

      Upon pulling out of purchase, I wouldn’t feel guilty if from a Developer nor from anyone who you feel has ripped you off. 🙄

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