House in Litago wine-producing region,Aragon,Spain. 138000€

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      Settled in Litago, Zaragoza. 1076 sq/ft two story house, with 538 sq/ft patio, and two double bedrooms. Sitting – dining room with a nice working fireplace. Kitchen and bathroom fully equipped and working. Building is set in the traditional architecture materials used in the area, slightly updated, i.e., stone walls with part wooden roofs and wooden doors, using also baked clay tiles for the floors.

      Right on the slopes of Moncayo, the old celtiberian sacred mountain setting the frontier between Aragon and Castilla, and beside Campo de Borja (, one of the oldest wine-producing areas in Aragon, with several working wineries, some of them nearly centennial. Set in the middle of a small quiet town, Litago, surrounded by nice traditional architecture houses. Views to Moncayo’s summit, which use to be covered in snow for about half the year, and to the nearby area of its slopes, with forests and hills. In the nearby area you can find the old Cister monastery called Saint Mary of Veruela (, an old XII – XIVth century abbey with gothic church and cloisters, which also holds art exhibitions, concerts and a Wine History Museum. Some nice castles around, such as Trasmoz, in which you can find a nice witchcraft museum and that also holds activities along the year such as poetry festivals.

      The house has been used as a rural tourism house in the last years, known as “Casa Boletus” and its licences are still valid, so it can still be used for that purpose if the new owners want it like that.

      Contact info:
      +34 976 868 905
      +34 976 852 250
      +34 607 391 783

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