Hopefully this will happen!

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    From The Olive Press:

    http://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2013/01 … embargoed/

    Only reporting what’s been published, interesting last paragraph about renting it, heaven forbid any of the investors rent it 😆

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    But only the very tip, tip, tip of the whole corrupt iceberg….. what about all the others, Brits, Irish, Spanish, German etc. etc.

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    Some five years ago, I as surprised to find one of those Marbella ‘entrepreneurs’ who had been drummed out of Marbella turn up in Alicante, bold as brass, where he set up an agency just like the one he had left behind in the Malaga province. He changed the name slightly, but everything else was just the same, a vehicle to cheat and defraud not just expats, but anyone who fell for the glitzy brochures promising instant wealth.

    I knew him slightly from my days on the Costa del Sol, and in case Angie gets the flutters and thinks he was a friend, I hated the guy, and his associates. He was soon selling houses, yachts and even helicopters, some of the stuff supposedly based in Antibes, only a short ride on the motorway from Alicante, was how it was described in the glossy brochures.

    But they have disappeared again, rumour has it they returned to Marbella; they were good friends of the gentlemen in the article in the Olive Press.

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    looks like the page has been taken down, the link no longer works

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    That’s strange and quick Andrew, it’s now completely disappeared off the Olive Press website but hopefully it was read by a few here 😉

    No Rocker I’m not worried about the other guy you mention being a friend, quite a few of the Marbella agents moved to the Costa Blanca or further afield to Thailand etc, like a Paul Blagden, very appropriate name I thought he had 🙄

    One girl who worked for Ocean and sold to us or should I say mis-sold to us 2 properties, went on to work for one or 2 other agents on the coast, they moved around a lot and if you had a grievance then the original agent such as Awful Estates would say ‘he/she has gone and we are not responsible for what they said’ 🙄 By sheer endeavour and publicity we extricated ourselves quite well after only 3.5 years, but hard work 😉 I was then offered agency jobs too but did not feel comfortable about it. 🙄

    I’d be very surprised to see their sort get away with that behaviour again, I think people are more aware now through sites like this 😛

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    Strange how that link disappeared. But, maybe not so strange.

    When I was down Marbella way, which I left 20 years ago, the only way you could run a business as an expat, was to pay your way. They let a few minnows operate but anything bigger required bunging the politicians, lawyers, bankers and police, there was no other way.

    Some powerful people emerged, obscenely rich through bunging the appropriate people. A phone call to the right person, often the mayor of Marbella, would see off any of those irritating obstacles, like inquisitive journalists.

    Perhaps the Olive Press got such a call? Is it still going on?

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