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      Hello everyone,

      Does anyone know any serious insurance company providing a good service for UK citizen’s permanent residents in Spain or just Spanish residents?

      I found plenty online (including big ones life MAPFRE, LINEA DIRECTA …. ) and read many commentaries made by people and I am at a loss. Seems difficult to decide which one will deal with you honestly and professionally in time of trouble.

      Many thanks in advance



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      Mark Stücklin

      Hi Yassen,

      Searching for an insurance company that will help you in times of trouble, rather than hide behind small print, is like searching for the Holy Grail 😉

      For what it’s worth a UK-based insurance provider called Intasure have been advertising here for the last decade. Nobody has ever complained to me about them, and it’s not as if I’m difficult to reach.


      If you click the link above and take out a policy with them I get paid a commission, just so you know.

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