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      Cynthia Cod

      I’m told that home buildings insurance isn’t compulsory in Spain if you don’t have a mortgage on the property, but I’m wondering if this is different in Catalunya (and so Barcelona) because it is an autonomous region.

      My difficulty is that 2 weeks ago my shower leaked into the apartment below causing some damage and cracks to the ceiling, and though I have obtained a quote for the repairs and agreed to pay for the works in full, the builder can’t do the work for another 3 weeks. Having tested it, the builder says that the ceiling is perfectly stable and that there is no danger whatsoever of it falling down or anything like that so that a 3 week wait will be fine. However, the lady in the apartment is not satisfied with waiting even this length of time and is saying I should get it done on the insurance who might send someone quicker. When I told her I didn’t have any insurance because I didn’t have a mortgage (probably a bit stupid of me, and I will get some now), she said that it was compulsory and that she was going to denounce me unless my builder does the work next week. My builder is busy all next week and the week after and I don’t know any others that I could definitely trust.

      Basically, then, do I have anything to fear from this lady’s threat to denounce me? Have I broken any law by not having any insurance even though I don’t have a mortgage?

      Any advice or insights would be great. Many thanks.

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      You have done all that is required and the police will tell her that as you have arranged with a builder to carry out the repairs she has to wait for it to be done .

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