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      Hi – I recently heard that the laws regarding short term rentals in andalucia are changing in February. Firstly, does anyone know where I can find the specifics – in English? I have been told a “certificate” will be needed from the gov. and proof of a professional management company looking after it, in case renters have any problems.

      And secondly, do our informed members here think that these laws will actually be enforced and that this will change how short term lets are handled here?

      I rent a 2 bedroom in Estepona right now for a several weeks each year to short term renters. I know I am like many people who do not really follow the exact letter of the law 😉 right now. But I am wondering if now is the time I should probably hire a professional management company – or if I should keep going the way I am.

      There really isn’t much profit in it the way it is right now – and then to add 25% tax on rental income and new certification/registration fees, and then fees from one of the management companies that seem to charge extra for every small thing. I think for me I am probably better off just not renting anymore.

      Right now a neighbor just holds the keys and lets the renters in and then I pay her to clean in between renters. If they have a problem they just knock on her door. It works great as she is reliable, reasonable and she takes care of anything that needs doing and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg (or iva :-).

      any thoughts would be appreciated.

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      I should just continue as you are doing now.
      Governments try to poke their noses into every aspect of our lives. Most people are trying to make a decent living while our Lords and Masters live it up in Davos!
      Don’t get me wrong though…I’m NO socialist.
      If questioned, just say that you are renting to friends.

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