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      We are flying to Alicante at the end of September with the intention of looking at Costa Blanca, Calida and possibly Almeria prior to purchasing a property and living in Spain. We want to avoid inspection visits and move in our own time as location and life-style are our main priorities.

      Could anyone kindly help with the following questions:

      1. Does anyone have a property that they would be prepared to rent to us late September / early October for about a week
      2. Is it possible to contact builders directly rather than going through estate agents
      3. Is there a web-site where UK owners advertise their properties for sale?

      Many thanks

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      Although I do not have a property to rent you (we do not rent ours out), I think I can give some information regarding Costa Blanca. There are literally hundreds of properties advertised each week in Costa Blanca News, mostly private sales. You will also see lots of “se vende” signs on properties with a telephone number as you drive around.

      North Costa Blanca is significantly more expensive than South CB but much greener (south of Benidorm it becomes a much more barren landscape.)

      You will certainly need a good independant recommended lawyer (this site recommended ours and he was very good).

      You can buy directly from the developer, again please get a good lawyer to look at any contract before even agreeing a holding deposit.

      I think a week is very ambitious if you wish to check out so many areas but I wish you luck. Our apartment was an off plan development and although the build time was 18 months it actually took almost 2 and a half year, keep this in mind if you go for that option. There are lots of re-sale properties around at good prices in comparison.

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      Thanks for your reply xirles. Reading other postings the general theme seems to be – proceed with caution, which we intend to do. I can also see the logic of buying a re-sale. Infact, we will probably rent , get a feel for a location and then buy. Thanks also for the advice with respect to Costa Blanca News.

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      Dear Maximus,

      For the Altea region there is a good contractor in Altea la Vieja which sells plots and would build a property for you. They are called Ripoll Construcciones and they have several diferent designs. You may also wish to check out the developer Ballester based in Benidorm but also with various developments around the Altea region. Both companies mentioned have web sites you could look at.

      Seems your planning to do proper research so also similar and other companies could be contacted as well as following the other advice received.

      Good Luck

      Terry English

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      Hi Terry,

      Many thanks for your posting – much appreciated.


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