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      Verbal contract agreed for 2 people. Written contract to be issued when ness pwork presented. Now 3 people in apartment told soon to be more.  Asked them all to leave at end of month and i will return deposit.  How do i stand if they don’t leave. The apartment is part of my house.  As a disabled women on her own i am so worried. Any help/advice would be gratefully received.  Thank you


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      Hopefully somebody will reply better than me. But it’s distressing to read this. You may need a lawyer. Maybe some help from local Ayuntamiento if your Spanish ok would help.sometimes the people are friendly and helpful in these offices and sometimes someone who speaks English. I hesitate to suggest local police but if you know them at all they might give you some advice and if they know who your occupants are they might know them if they are no good and take an interest.Good Luck

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