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      We have been living in Spain for a few years now and have always tried to do things right e.g. pay our taxes and be legal.
      OH is self employed here in Spain. He has work but has struggled over the years to pay his social security payments.
      He has paid all his taxes every three months.
      I found out a few days ago that he owes 5,000 euros on his s.s. this has added up with interest and fines.
      He did go and see them a year ago when he first started to get into difficulty but was told that they had put an embargo on his work van but they offered no help.
      Everyon told him to sign off self employed but he is proud and wanted to do things right.
      He had a phone call from s.s. a couple of weeks ago saying they needed to speak with him. He went to see them and took a translator with him as his Spanish is ok but he wanted to be sure about what they were saying. They told him he needs to pay the 5,000 but also advised him to keep signing off every other month or so to catch up with payments.
      They told him that they had now put an embargo on our house for the 5,000 euros.
      This week a letter from them addressed to me saying they have now put an embargo on our home for the 5,000 euros and that we ourselves cannot sell the property. They sent the letter to me as I own half the house.
      There is no mortgage on the house.
      We were under the impression that the embargo would stay there until we sold the house and we could then pay off the debt but we are now not sure as this letter seems to indicate that they can sell the house.
      Does this now mean that the government can now sell our house to get the 5,000 euros my husband owes them. What about my half share of the house what happens to that. Will they just auction our property off for whatever they can get for it as long as it covers the 5,000 euros.
      Anyone have any experience of this. We can´t employ a lawyer as we don´t have the money to do so.
      We can´t tighten our belts anymore, we have never had a holiday since we have been here, don´t go out etc. etc. we really do not have a very good quality of life her.
      I know people will say go back to the u.k. but we are penniless so how would we go about finding somewhere to live until we got jobs.
      Cany anyone give us any advice on this please.

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      Hi there,

      I’ve asked a good lawyer to write an article on bankruptcy in Spain and how it affects your home , but I can’t promise how quickly it will be ready. It might take a few weeks.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. This letter from the tax office: is it from the regional tax office, or the national one? (which region do you live in?)

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      Do you know if there is a minimum amount they are allowed to sell the property for or could they just sell it for say 20,000. This seems so wrong if they can do that.

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