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      We know there’s an NHS in the UK to cover general health issues for people even under the age of 65, but what is the situation in Spain especially for Brits who’ve moved there?

      For resident Brits how much does a visit to a Doctor cost, also to a Hospital, and to the Dentist?
      Is there a scale of charges for repeat visits or is it the same each time?
      How much are prescribed medicines?
      How much is treatment at either the Doctor or Hospital?

      Do resident Brits try to get around charges using the EU health card for tourists? Could they be prosecuted if found out? 🙄
      Do resident Brits put off going for medical help as a result of costs? 🙄

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      Going to the doctor or hospital in Spain costs me nothing, regardless of how many times I go. I also have private medical cover through my work but I find the public health care to be just as good. However the presciption charges do seem to mount up these days.

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      Thanks chopera, but I imagine there is a list of costs for resident Brits, does anyone know these charges? 🙄

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      Certainly no medical charges for resident Brits who have registered on the padron and been allocated a doctor. Apparently the UK & Spanish Government have a reciprical financial agreement.

      My husband has been hopitalised twice and we know of many who have undergone various heart ops.
      All free and all have nothing but praise for their treatment whilst hospitalised.
      Of course now everyone will have to pay towards future prescriptions but at a mere fraction of the cost.

      Dentists are all private, and excellent, with most average sized towns having more dentists than one would find in a county in UK.
      Costs are half that of UK. i.e
      20e for an extraction. 40e for hygienist.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      fiscal residents get all the benefits regardless of nationality.

      If your non-fiscal, you may be looking at some charges (laws are changing), to prevent free medical tourism.

      from personal experience: 2 kids born here, free. all check-ups free. Medication cheap (if on private cost 60€, via the state can cost 4€ or less).

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      Medication isn’t always cheap. There has been cases in the news this month that some are now having to pay over 50€ per month for some conditions. If you are British and not paying seguridad social or a not a pensioner then you will not get free treatment on the CDS. Many ex-pats try to beat the system by using the EHIC but it only works for emergencies. They will “patch you up” but for ongoing treatment they will tell you to return to your own country.

      If you are under 65 and not paying into the spanish system then private medical insurance is essential. The small print is a killer and any previous trivial complaint will almost certainly be linked and they will not pay out. The new rules for residency actually requires foreigners to prove they have private medical insurance when applying for residency unless they have a job contract.

      If you have children dental treatment is not free like the UK. My friend paid 50€ per month for her child’s brace for over a year.

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      @katy wrote:

      Medication isn’t always cheap. There has been cases in the news this month that some are now having to pay over 50€ per month for some conditions.

      questions is how much would they be paying if it was not subsidized. Considering that medication that would cost 190€ costs only about 10€ via the seguridad social, seems to work out quite cheap considering

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      You haven’t been following the spanish news have you. There has been lots of examples publicised. One woman featured will now have to pay up to 200€ for her disabled son. A cancer sufferer will have to pay 50€ per month…I could go on…and on!

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      Fuengi (Andrew)

      I have. And that poor women is going to struggle with the increase and so is are many others. But that medication is still heavily subsidised. A relative who is diabetic resently had to purchase diabetese medication. Medication 60eutos. Needles approx 130euros. Through the social security, 9euros.
      Also most ‘free market’ cancer medication runs into the tens of thousands of euros a year. Paying 50 euros a month must be difficult, but nothing like the real price of it.

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      Health care has been brilliant the last 10-15 years but it has been built on borrowed money. What will happen but not imediately is that hospitals will become short staffed and ques piling up. This always happens in socialised medicine. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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      Yes, in all countries health services are infinite. People in some hospitals have been asked to provide their own dressings. Someone asked about health costs and I have replied.

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