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      This article written on the 25th June (so apologies if mentioned earlier), is written in such a way that your initial impression while reading it, and for some way through, is that ALL retirees are affected.

      Title “British expatriates in Spain foot the bill for medical treatment”

      Para 3 “Many people moved to Spain on retirement believing they would be covered by the country’s medical system. Now they are being forced to take out expensive private insurance.” (Note the no specifying of EARLY retirement).

      It isn’t until very near the end of the article that it clarifies things by stating the decision only affects early retirees.

      I assume that this article is replicated in hardcopy, and could easily give a misleading impression to skim and title-only readers, of which there are plenty I’d guess.

      Regarding the substance of the piece, as someone in their 40s who’s able and willing to work, I don’t see why I should be eligible for free health care in Spain, should I choose not to work, or pay any tax.

      Different obviously for those disabled or unable to work, who for whatever reason bought in Spain in good faith, because of the free health care available at the time. It must be a dilemma for those unable to afford private cover, and to be tied here by a property.

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