Has anyone used "mifi" to access internet?

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      We only visit Spain during summer, so we don’t want to pay all year for internet access.

      I have been reading about the “mifi”, a cell phone-like device in which you can pop a pre-paid SIM card for data access (20 euros per month in Germany, I think). With this device you can then connect up to five wireless devices (iPod, IPad, laptop, etc.) to the internet.

      Does anyone have any experience with these? If so where does one purchase pre-paid data SIMs? Anything to beware of?

      Here is one example:

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      I haven’t used one as yet, but I’m thinking of getting one

      Pre-paid SIM’s are readily available, one of the better suppliers in my experience is http://www.simyo.es/, but you have to sign for the SIM when it’s delivered, I think that Carrefour & Eroski supermarkets also have good SIM deals

      Potential downsides it seems to me are,

      1) Availablilty of 3G network coverage where you want to use it (there are coverage maps on most suppliers websites, so you can check)

      2) If it’s for just one PC then a USB dongle would seem as good

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      I am using MIFI in Spain because like you I do not want to pay for a full year.

      One thing that you will need to do is to get your MIFI device unlocked as they are locked to the device provider. I used a website ISZOM.com that were very helpful. From there it is straightforward. You will need to get the APN name for the sym provider to enter into the Mifi configuration. I use a sym from Yoigo. Make sure that you get an internet sym They tried to palm me off with a sym for email only. The other thing to do is to use the free wifi sites that can be found in cafes. I use a cafe when I have a large download such as software upgrades as the speed there is normally faster than Mifi. Mifi is good for email browsing etc

      Another issue can be battery life about 4 hours keep an eye on the clock when using MFI. It takes a number of hours to recharge. On the whole I would not be without it

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      Hello All

      I am interested in some info on getting a USB dongle for internet everywhere? Pay as you go.
      Can someone help? I was told Orange or Vodafone offer such program

      Thanks for any info.

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