Has any Public Official being found guilty and jailed?

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      Just trawling through the usual Spanish news (in English) it’s common to come across articles stating X is facing so many years in prison for corruption relating to building issues, but I never see an article reporting the fact that an official has been found guilty, am I missing them??

      Here’s the latest one from the angle that public funds are used for his defense


      Is more widespread corruption meaning no-one is found guilty?

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      What a sham!

      I’m tempted to say this can only happen in Spain, (I suspect in some other countries), but the past masters of allowing property scams with either long-winded or no recourse for victims, is the Spanish Gov’t, they should be given a ‘medal of dishonour’ by the rest of the world.

      I’m beginning to rant now, my shackles are rising, my blood is boiling, steady. No-one in their right mind should buy with confidence in Spain all the time their Gov’t does nada, blast it , I’ve said it now!!!! 😡

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      I have been following all kind of happenings Spain since the late 70’s. I have never come accross one incident where anybody was found guilty or a punishment fitting a crime has been awarded.

      During,the Government of Filipe Gonzalez. The brother of his Vice Presindent was the main protaganist i.e. Jesus Gill, Roca all in one. ( Many Spaniards beleive that it was his actions & excesses that threw out the Socialist & brought in Aznar, the Spanish Charlie Chaplin)

      At present we are talking about the Construction sector, the corruption changes as economic wind & trend changes.

      After thought Aznar = Charlie Chaplin, Zapatero = Mr Bean. Does it says it all ?

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