Happy New Year

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    Just a note to wish everyone on the forum a very happy New Year and lets hope 2012 is a little more settled 🙂

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    igualmente 😀 …Hasn’t it been nice not to hear hour by hour accounts about failing countries/currency for a week 😆

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    A Happy and prosperous New Year from me 😀

    I suppose all that ‘fail and bail-out talk’ will start up again soon so here’s a question for everyone for predictions 2012, what do you think will really happen this year?

    I think Greece will definitely leave or be kicked out of the Eurozone and once their debt is ratified/reduced by a third or so, then the likes of Portugal and Ireland will ask for similar treatment.

    Germany may try to loosen Sarkozy’s little mits hanging on them. 🙄

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    Happy new year to all forums users. Just recieved an email from Mrs Gaddafi, from Algeria wants to transfer a large amount of funds for her ultimate settlement in Belarus.

    I think I will change my new year resolution. Did not take me long to change !!!!!

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    Feliz Año / “Happy Year” to all

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    Happy New Year everyone. Been off-line with a cold. Great start to the year 🙂

    Angie I’ll let you know what I think’s going to happen this year when my head clears.


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    I look forward to your view on what you think might or will happen this year Mark with the Eurozone economies, countries etc and those of other forum users here 🙄

    I had a cold when we were away, now almost gone, played golf today in UK on a lovely sunny brisk day which has cleared the tubes 😀

    Hope you get rid of your cold soon, drop of brandy always helps me and loads of pill-popping too although not together 😉

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