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    I have recently purchased a plot of land between Puerto Lumbreras and Velez Rubio in the Murcia District of Spain. A 3 bedroomed Cortijo will be built and I would like to incorporate a greywater recycling system.
    I have done some initial research on the subject but can not find any references to Spanish websites.
    Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction on this topic or better still, know of any reputable company that I can contact who will be willing to give advice.

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    Get hold of a Spanish magazine called EcoHabitar (they have a website too). It’s full of useful info, articles and adverts for products and companies along these lines.
    If you Google for reciclaje aguas grises it turns up lots of info.

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    Thanks hillybilly.
    I’ve been onto a couple of sites and you are right about the information. It’s most enlightening.

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