Greece is the Word!

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      Are we now to believe that Greece has been saved from going bankrupt, leaving the Euro and therefore able to go back to it’s corrupt ways again? Get the porsches and ferraris dusted off from their hiding places Stavros! It’s like the ‘Carry On’ films. All we need is Nana Mouskouri and Demis Roussos to start singing again, so I’m told, who are these people?

      It seems they have to pay a 14.5 billion Euros tranche back in March to staive off bankruptcy but now can receive 130 billion Euros to carry on for now, although some economist says they now need 145 billion Euros instead.

      If this all goes though with banks and others taking their short back and sides haircut, how long will it be before Portugal, Ireland and Spain say ‘what’s good for Greece is good for us, we want half our debt written off’?

      How long before the next crisis in Europe? 🙄

      You’ve got to hand it to those canny Greeks whilst their populus suffer!

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