Government solar policy bankrupting its citizens

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      From today’s New York Times:

      The new government payment system has left thousands of investors, like Mr. Cruz, 51, in a state of shock.

      “I am going to lose everything,” Mr. Cruz said, standing near the panels he thought would make his old age easier. “I will be homeless. At my age, homeless.”

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      Why does the Spanish government want to tax PV panels?
      It would seem in the first place that the electricity generating and distribution system is inefficient, if this were not the case electricity in Spain would not cost circa 20% more than the European average or a massive 37% more than in the UK. This is particularly shocking when you consider that 46% of Spanish electricity was produced from renewable energy in the first 8 months of 2013.
      In the same period, only around 3.5% of the renewable energy was from Solar PV, meaning that some 42% of renewable energy was from Wind, Hydro, CSP etc.
      How much money was handed out in incentives to build other renewable energy plant such as wind farms? Why not retrospectively claim these funds back?
      Whilst taking note of the above, it must be remembered that the Spanish government effectively put a cap on energy prices even as the cost of fossil fuels was increasing. This was of course very beneficial to Spanish industry during the boom years.
      So, since energy costs are higher than the European average even with a government price cap, the conclusion must be that the industry in Spain is highly inefficient and need a radical shake up.
      The Spanish government seem to consider a reasonable solution to their debt is to make a few ecologically minded individuals (who invested in helping Spain meet its emission obligations), pay the price for widespread energy inefficiency and below cost electricity for all?
      Perhaps Mr Bean wasn’t great, but Blackadder is even worse.
      If Spain were a company the administrators would be in charge…… that’s an idea

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      Baromi, you have hit the nail on the head 🙂

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      ” must be that the industry in Spain is highly inefficient and need a radical shake up “

      The industry had not been efficient for decades lack of funding & quality of managers. The administrators have been
      in charge for decade. The golden opportunity from the property boom & the assistance from EU had been wasted.

      The educational institutions have been doing their bit and other economies having the benefit from the young,energetic,
      capable Spaniards. The same people out of Spain are extremely professional.however once they return to Spain they
      become the opposite.

      PP had the biggest political opportunity to shake Spain from its roots & blame the EU for it. Sadly they have missed
      this one too..

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      Brussels warns Spain,

      An article in El Economista (in Spanish)


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