Golf Debenture/Course shares in Spain

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    I am currently in negotiation with a developer over golf course debenture/share rights in Spain and wanted to get some advice/input from the forum.

    The proposition is to buy a share in the golf course for roughly 20k which will be tradeable on the open market,and then pay a yearly course subsciption for either individual or family membership.Has anyone been through this process and are there any pifalls to look out for.

    are there certain things I need to check out before commiting-any advice/help will be greatly appreciated.

    If you have been through the process,please give me your insight

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    I think a lot would depend on the golf course, a lot of them are only set up for the purpose of selling property and are not a good buy. The conditions etc should be gone over by a financial expert. Myself I would just go for yearly membership.

    Just an add on, many of the golf courses are empty at the moment, a few years ago you could not get a tee-time.

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    As Kate said lot of them were set up to sell properties, an exception that I know is the Guadelmina.

    I am not a serious golfer and rumour has it that I have been seen on golf courses.

    My view is why would I like to play on the same golf course every time surely a challenge of a new course is more intresting.

    I suppose the value of the debenture will depend on its demand. With so many Golf courses around and a new ones coming up in Marocco with half of the green fee.

    It does not seam to make sense of it.

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    My view is why would I like to play on the same golf course every time

    To get a handicap

    surely a challenge of a new course is more interesting

    Expensive if your not a member.

    I would just join a lot of the debentures in Majorca guarantee playing rights on very busy courses. I don’t think this is necessary everywhere.



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    Its just a good walk spoiled ! (Oscar Wilde)

    Personally its cruel to hit the little round thingy with a big stick – better off staying in the bar. Hic… 8)

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    Ok, I have learnt some thing new for handicap purposes. You have to play a lot to justify your investment.

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    I agree its cruel and to think hurting the ball is not sufficient they take pleasure in seeing how far have they hit it and no guilt if it is with wood or Iron.

    The poor ball has to deal with shrubs and plants and god forbids if it ends up in a pond the golf balls cant swim. A very sad death by drowing.

    They can also get kidnapped by a gypsy and has to listen to Canta jundo a night before being suffocated in a plastic and left on the old Ronda road.

    Is there no limite to human cruelty.

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    I feel so upset for the poor ball – perhaps we ought to have a whip round for it.

    Going home now – nite nite all!

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    I am not a serious golfer

    Really đŸ˜‰

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