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    Our community swimming pool has some broken glass in the bottom.
    The Administrator tells us that it needs to be drained and refilled at huge expense to avoid liability issues.
    I cannot believe there is another way to get the glass out – scuba diver perhaps oir some clever suction device?
    Has anyone any suggestionsor had experience of this?

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    I would have thought that large pieces could be brushed up, and picked up, and smaller ones vacuumed with the pool cleaning vacuum. Draining it just seems daft to me.

    Liability issues? Seems like a jobsworth, you will have insurance, and in any case if the glass is removed what’s the liability?

    Don’t you have a pool cleaning company to deal with this kind of thing?

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    Sorry only just seen this

    The issue is once you know about the glass the community is liable or the president is anyway and clear glass is invisible in water so without draining the pool you cannot be sure to get it all.



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    Prevention is better than cure. Assure that community rules are posted around the community areas so that all can see. The president of a community in many cases cannot be in all places at once and even though is empowered to make day to day decissions in the community, liability for loss damage or accidents is not in fact down him/her if correct measures to prevent have been carried out.

    A community of owners as rightly mentioned before has to have a civil liability insurance to cover any accidents or damage and any negligence by owners / tennants or their guests is not fault of the president or the administrator. It is responsibility of the owner to inform all guests and tennants of the community rules. A lawyer would also see it as an easier route to take legal action against a community of owners as opposed to an individual president of a community.

    The pool cleaner can clean up broken glass from the pools without having to drain the water. It requires a cleaning job by the pool cleaner outside of what his/her day to day cleaning task is and the community may be charged extra for the additional hours (read the pool contract) however the notion of emptying the pool is completely absurd.

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